“The Commodore Trust” is a group of like minded people who care about Pembroke Dock, its heritage and its people.

“The Commodore” was the former Captain Superintendent’s Residence within the Royal Dockyard, Pembroke. Lately, this once prestigious building has fallen on bad times. “The Commodore Trust” has the aim of securing a positive future for the place as a community resource and transforming it into an asset for the people of the Pembroke Dock. Something they can be proud of.

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The Commodore


Updated: 3 March 2021

Registered Charity Number 1178576.

Wants to….

Many people, particularly those living in and around Pembroke Dock, have asked how they might be able to help with this project. Firstly you can ask to join the Facebook group or follow us on Twitter (@CommodoreTrust).

Here you can keep track on how we are getting on!

We need expressions of support for our project. It would be great if you could first read the outline of our plans here, and then, if you wish to let us know that you agree with our aims, drop us a short note or email to:


Supportive comments will help us when talking to funders or heritage bodies - particularly if the comments are signed or have a name and town/postcode.

The Commodore Trust promises that your information will only be used for the promotion of our aims and will not be shared for any other purpose.